Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Font of the Week #46: Gemini

Hey there and welcome back! My featured font for this week takes us into the zodiac and the sign of the twins. A fun font called Gemini


   This font is another digital revival form Jukebox based on an older photo-lettering face called Jiminy. As with all my digital revivals, I carefully traced each exisitng letter to be faithful to the original and then fleshed out the typeface to work for the digital age.

   Gemini is a fun and fantastic throwback to the handlettering of the 1950s. Filled with sparkle and happy-go-lucky innocence, this font is perfect for anything that relates not only to the 1950s or 1960s but also works with childlike and family themes.

   Gemini is an all caps font with makes it perfect for advertisements and bold attention-getting lettering.  It has a slightly modulated baseline, alongside rough-hewn end strokes that give it its casual feeling.

   The font also has a strong verticality to the design which means it works well on signage and posters. It makes me think of fun summer nights at a carnival. I can smell the hotdogs and cotton candy! 

   Gemini has been upgraded to OpenType format and is available through Veer as part of the Jukebox library.

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