Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Font of the Week #44: Funny Bone

Hello and welcome back to another Font of the Week! This I'm going to tickle you in the ulnar nerve with my font called “Funny Bone”…

Funny Bone

   Based on a font found in an old Dover type book, Funny Bone was created in 2004 and is part of the Jukebox library at Veer.

   The fun and whimsical design of the letters in Funny Bone make it a perfect font for and lighthearted and kid-friendly purpose.

   The heavily modulated baseline gives the letters a bouncy feel that project energy and joy! The design also makes use of a mix of small cap and more traditional letter designs in the lowercase, giving the typeface a much more casual hand-drawn feel.

   In addition, some of the letters end in a curly cue ball terminal which adds a slightly feminine touch to those letters. That keeps the font approachable and familiar. 

   Funny Bone has been a good seller for Jukebox and I continue to see it out in the world…always a fun thing to spot! The photo below shows and example just from this past autumn. Funny Bone was used on Mars Co. candy display signs for their 2014 Halloween line. This was snapped at the Ralphs grocery store near me where I shop.

   As with the other fonts in the Juekbox library, Funny Bone is available in OpenType format.

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