Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Font of the Week #45: Fuzz Guitar

   Hello and welcome back to another font of the week feature from Walcott Design! This week we will get on our groovy and travel back to the 1960s with Fuzz Guitar.

 Fuzz Guitar

   This font was pure fun to create! A digital revival of a typeface from an old Dover book, this font is the quintessential 1960s hippie free-love culture font! With its heavy bottoms that are reminiscent of bell-bottom pants, it calls up those memories of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Woodstock.

   That era was the time of my parents and so it is not only a cool and interesting time in terms of design but brings up memories of when the baby noomers were young and life was just beginning for their generation.

   The typeface itself has its design roots in the Art Noveau era which came back into fashion during the 1960s and influenced the design for the Flower Power era. These types of fonts were often used on posters for rock concerts which inspired the name “Fuzz Guitar”. It just seemed to be the perfect fit.

   It is an all caps font which helps the unusual shape of the letters hang together a little better than would be the case with a true lowercase set.

   This font is perfect for any design that needs to evoke the era of the 1960s, hippie movement or the rock music from that decade. 

   Fuzz Guitar is available from Veer as part of the Jukebox Type library and is available in OpenType format. 

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