Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Font Of The Week #16: Domani from CounterPoint

   Hello! This week I thought we'd take a closer look at one fof the fonts from my newest CounterPoint font foundry…Domani CP


   Domani is a digital revival of an old photo-typositing face called ITC Didi. The font was brought to my attention this past September by Washington DC based designer Rob King.

   Rob King requested that I make a digital version of the Didi font, so this font began its life as smaller scale custom digitization. Once King’s version was complete, I further adapted the font for commercial sale as part of the CounterPoint font library.

   The original ITC Didi was designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase. For some reason it didn’t make the transition to digital type in the 1990s.

   This font immediately captured me with its 1970s high contrast Didone style and large x-height…typical of ITC fonts from that time period. It has some unique design details that set it apart from other didone style typefaces. I worked on the digital version for a number of weeks and it was finally released for commercial sale in October of 2013.

   Thanks in part to King who provided printed samples of the original Didi for me to work with, I believe I have created a version worthy of such genius type designers as Lubalin and Carnase. It is my hope that they would be proud and pleased with Domani.

   “Domani” is the Italian word for “tomorrow”. The name was suggested by Rob King, and I felt it was perfect for this revitalized design. My professional quality digital version is both faithful to the original design while expanding the character set to make use of OpenType features.

   I added a full set of swash capitals and several swash lowercase as well as support for Latin-based and Eastern European languages. Designing swash characters for a font is always fun because you can create so many different varieties!

   As part of the CounterPoint library, Domani is available directly from me or at several online font vendors including Monotype (Fonts.com)MyFonts.com, and FontHaus.

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