Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Font of the Week #15: Boxer Script

   Hello again! This week’s font feature is Boxer Script.

Boxer Script

   This font was inspired by the metal car lettering that is sometimes seen on older antique cars. Strongly reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940s automobile design, this font was a lot of fun to create! I wanted to capture that nostalgic feeling of Art Deco car culture.

   Designed and released in 2002, I liked the idea of having the organic looking capital letters paired with the more “machined” design of the lower case. The connector line that runs between the lowercase letters mimics the design of words cut from a single piece of metal.

   Several years ago I was contacted by company called Planet Granite in the Sacramento area who wished to use this font in their logo. The company owner used the font to create lettering for his antique vehicle.  

   The photo below shows the truck and it turned out absolutely beautiful! I was honored to have my typeface chosen for this purpose and it is the perfect car for the design.

   Boxer Script has also been recently used on several holiday candy products sold by Target stores during the Christmas season. It can be seen here in the word “Gourmet”.

Boxer Script is part os the Jukebox library and is available from Veer.


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