Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Font of the Week #39: Fairy Tale

Hello again! After a necessary hiatus due to family medical issues I am finally back with Font of the Week Feature! This week we will take a look at one of the oldest Jukebox fonts…

Fairy Tale

   Fairy Tale was designed in early 2001 and was originally part of the JAW Fonts library that came before Jukebox. Based on the hand-lettered titles from the lobby posters of an old animated feature film, this font captures both the whimsy and fun of a fairy tale with the influences of old Blackletter fonts.

   It makes use of its Blackletter roots, while still being easily readable. In addition, the design is versatile enough to be either light and upbeat or more serious depending on the context in which it is used.

   Because this is one of my earlier fonts when I was still getting my bearings with the mechanics of typeface design, this font has some idiosyncrasies that add some warmth to the design. Its naiveté makes it more accessible and more flexible.

   Fairy Tale has been a fairly strong seller for Jukebox over the years and I have seen its use on many different venues. Perhaps the most exciting and close to my heart is that Fairy Tale has been the official font used for many years now for all the signage and promotional material for the “Mickey’s Halloween Party” event held during the months of September and October at Disneyland in CA.

   The font even appears on some of the floats that are used for the special Halloween parade that is shown on the nights of the event. To have my font chosen for such a widespread use by a company such as Disney is truly an honor. As a lover of both Disney and Halloween, I was quite excited the first time I saw the signs and brochures a few years ago!

   Fairy Tale is part of the Jukebox library sold exclusively through Veer. It is available in OpenType format.

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