Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Font of the Week #30: Cynthia June

   Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Time again for a new Font of the Week. Today the featured font is Cynthia June, an elegant script typeface…

Cynthia June

   Cynthia June is an formal script typeface that falls into the font style category known as “Spencerian Script”. This refers to the Platt Rogers Spencer, the man who set this style of writing as the American standard in the 19th century. This style of script face is a direct extension of old fashioned quill pen writing and was considered to be a sign of refinement and class. You will also sometimes see this style referred to as Copperplate Script, since the original books that taught children to write this way, were printed from engraved copper plates.

 Designed in 2010, Cynthia June was inspired by a hand lettered alphabet found in an old 1930s book on lettering for the commercial arts, and was actually created from an amalgam of three different samples. There are two faces in the Cynthia June family, Cynthia June One and Two. The “Two” font has more elaborate capital letters with flowing swashes and looped acsenders on some of the lower-case letters.

   I have always loved fonts like these because they invoke feelings of such elegance and refinement. I can always picture them being used on the invitation to a royal ball. These typefaces are of course perfect for just that purpose, and can be used on wedding invitations and other formal occasions. While all script fonts are by their nature warmer and more inviting, Spencerian script fonts are the most formal kind…They give the air of a formal party rather than a casual get together.

   Cynthia June is named after a dear friend of mine who I met through the fun hobby of vintage Halloween collectibles. She is as classy and beautiful as the font, so she was the perfect namesake for this typeface.

   Cynthia June is available from my website in OpenType format and is part of the Jukebox library.

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