Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Font of the Week #25: Cinnamon Roll

   Helloo and Happy Wednesday! As usual I am presenting a new font of the week and this time it’s “Cinnamon Roll”

Cinnamon Roll

   Cinnamon Roll comes in two weights or variants. Frosted and Plain. The Plain version is the basic font used for setting display type when legibility is required. The “Frosted” variant however is the where the fun begins!

   The Frosted weight includes swash caps and a number of alternates that give this playful font a fun and story-book feel to it.

   This font is partially based on a hand-lettered or phototypositing face from the pre-digital era. I’m not sure which. I have seen partial samples of it used in a few different sources, but never the full typeface or the original name, so this isn’t a true digital revival, nor is it a completely original design.

   My main source of inspiration to draw on was the titles of an old Rankin-Bass Christmas TV special. I grew up on those delightful programs and still watch them today every holiday season. Of course that titles sequence did not conatin all caps and lowercase so I had to fill in the gaps with glyphs of my own design to match. Expert typeface designer Alejandro Paul did something similar with his “Mobley” typeface which is a partial revival of Neil Bold, but also partially his own design.

   What I love about the letterforms of Cinnamon Roll is the flared vertical strokes on the letters that are suggestive of uncial typefaces. But, being a modern and playful version of that is where the fairy-tale  like feel comes from for this font. I also like the tightly curled scrolls of the swash terminals which is what inspired the name Cinnamon Roll.

   They say often you can tell typefaces apart by the lowercase g which is ripe with different design possibilities. This is certainly true of Cinnamon Roll which has a unique design to the lowercase g.

   Cinnamon Roll is part of the Jukebox type library available from Veer and is now also in OpenType format.

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