Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Font of the Week #24: Charade

   Good morning and Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Font of the Week and this time it’s the light and fun‘Charade’.


   This is one of the older fonts in the Jukebox library going all the way back to when I used to be JAW Fonts at MyFonts.com. Designed in 2001, this font was inspired by some hand lettering and I loved the playful and joyous nature of the letterforms!

   It certainly had a childlike innocence without being too saccharine or cutesy. It’s a great font for anything that needs a boisterous and fun feeling to it. Charade has been a relatively strong seller for Jukebox over the years.

   A notable use of Charade on a commercial product was on the cover of this Betty Crocker magazine for “Recipes from the Soul”. It was sold in stores as a point of sale display at the cash register area. I was delighted to find this while I was out grocery shopping one day!

   One of the cool design elements in this font is the closed lower loop of the lowercase s. It definitely implies a fast drawn hand lettering and adds to the excited feeling that the font gives. Like a child hurriedly writing because they are too excited to sit still.

   In addition to this, there are some other small idiosyncrasies in the lowercase that add to the font’s unique design. The f and t are slightly more roughly shaped thatn the other letters, but still work well within the design. These subtle differences are what gives the font its carefree feel.

It was a lot of fun designing this font as I got to play around with letterforms and have the same kind of exuberance with creating it that the font itself displays. Those are the best creative efforts. As part of the Jukebox library, Charade is available from Veer in OpenType format.

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