Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Font of The Week #13: Block Party

   Greetings all! I hope your weekend was great and that any holiday celebration you may have had were good too.

   This week’s Font of the Week is Block Party!

Block Party

   Block Party was created in 2005 and is a digital revival of an old photo-typositing face found in an old typeface catalog. The font has a fun and child-like feel to it with it’s large chunky forms and uneven shapes. Looking at the font, you definitely get the feeling that some enthusiastic person could have cut these letters out of construction paper.

   Fonts like this are fun to design, but often require lots of extra kerning, which is the adjustment of spacing between individual letters.

   The name just seemed to jump up at me from the design. I like the way some of the letters have missing counter spaces, like on the P and B. Block Party is an All Caps font, which lends a bit of a different feeling to a typeface. They are much better for headlines and attention grabbing text.

   Block Party is part of the Jukebox library and is available exclusively from Veer.

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