Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Font of the Week #12: Beignet Regular and Heavy

   Hello! It's time for the Font of the Week again. Usually I post these on Tuesdays, but yesterday I out of the office and busy with a current project.


   This week’s font in the hot seat is “Beignet”, which has both a Regular and Heavy weight. The font was inspired by a hand-lettered alphabet in an old 1930s book on lettering for advertising, which I expanded and developed into the two complete weights.

   My favorite part about this typeface is the cool 1930s art deco design to the letterforms. They are at the same time somehow both calligraphic and machined. The design made me think of jazz and speak-easies which prompted me to give it the name Beignet…the traditional French Quarter fried donuts from New Orleans.

   The font is available in both a Regular weight and a Heavy weight offering some good variation with intermixing. The fonts can be used in both a mixture of upper and lowercase, or as an all caps font. Each way gives a slightly different feel while staying perfectly integrated as far as form and design. I always love to make my typeface designs as versatile as possible.

  Both weights of the fonts contain an alternate version of the capital E which is in the “ \ ” key position.

Beignet was designed in 2009 and is part of the Jukebox library sold exclusively through Veer.

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