Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Font of the Week #21: Candy Apple

   Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week’s font of the week is Candy Apple—a retro style font that is fun and happy–go–lucky!

Candy Apple

   Candy Apple is a fun and cartoony font that was inspired by a hand-lettered Halloween candy advertisement from the 1950s or 1960s. The original poster had a fantastic retro-style design to both the graphics and the lettering. Unfortunately the original photo of the poster has been lost, but I do remember those classic mid-century graphics.

   Two of my favorite things are retro style designs and Halloween (vintage Halloween in particular). It was only fitting that an ad poster having both qualities should inspire a font from me!

   Candy Apple is at first glance an all caps font, but this isn’t entirely so. A few of the lowercase letters have differing designs as you can see in this sample. However, I created the font so that the lowercase and caps were all the same height, allowing for intermixing within single words.

   Candy Apple is an inline font meaning there is a small interior line that follows the letterform. This gives the design an interesting 3D effect that makes the words appear to rise off the page…mostly because the inline is not centered, but positioned more to the left, suggesting perpective.

    Designed in 2009, Candy Apple is part of the Jukebox collection available from Veer and is available in OpenType format.

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