Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Font of the Week #2: Adage Script

   Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week. Well, it’s February now so the year is rolling along. It’s time for Week #2 of the Font of the Week feature…

Adage Script

   Adage Script is a digital revival from Jukebox that was created in 2002. I created a series of five script fonts during the summer of that year, of which Adage Script is one. This was originally part of the JAW Fonts library that was once sold through MyFonts.com before becoming Jukebox when I partnered with Veer.

    Warm and nostalgic, Adage Script is a casual style script font that reminds me of sunny Sunday afternoons in small town America. Those associations gave rise to the name since the word “adage” seems to inherently imply times gone by and sage advice given by loving grandmothers who seek to pass on the lessons learned over a lifetime of joys and sorrows. Adage Script is feminine yet strong and bold in its simple curves.

Adage Script

   As a casual script, Adage Script is less formal than something like a Spencerian or Copperplate script. Casual script fonts are perfect for any design that needs a personal and approachable feel without getting too fancy or ornate.

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